Romibo is

your lovable teaching assistant.

Children with autism are easily overstimulated and overwhelmed by the complexity and intensity of human interaction. Therapists and educators use Romibo to help communicate with children through his more predictable and trusted form. Romibo can speak, drive, gesture, follow your gaze, and more.  Romibo lives all over the world in schools, hospitals, therapy centers, universities, and homes. Three years of research and feedback from our users have led us to create the latest Romibo which will be available in June 2014 but you can apply to be an early adopter today.

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Users all over the world have fallen in love with Romibo's younger siblings and now we're ready to introduce the latest edition to the Romibo family. The new Romibo will ship in June of 2014 and for a short time you apply to adopt a Romibo at a discounted price by telling us how you would use Romibo.

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Romibo is being used in several clinical trials and field studies that show increased speech and reduced stress when communicating with others

Easy To Use

We have designed Romibo to be easy to use by educators and therapists regardless of their technical ability.


We want to bring social robot therapy to the world so we've designed the easiest to use and most affordable therapy robot on the market.

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Be one of the first to adopt our latest and greatest robots. The new Romibo features additional gestures, motion scripts, improved eye-tracking, a highly improved interface, new fur options, longer battery life, and more. Apply here.


Sandy Erdos

Sandy Erdos

Director / Duck's Nest Preschool

“He asks Romibo to give him behavior feedback. He will often listen to Romibo when he won't listen to us.”



Special Needs Art Therapy Provider / Fine Art Miracles

"It's like a Swiss Army Knife of autism therapy tools"